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Fine Art Albums

My fine art albums are hand crafted right here in Australia, from start to finish quality, cohesive story and longevity are my main focus and objective for your album. That’s why I chose Seldex Artistic to print and bind the final piece - their processes ensure the highest quality product every single time. It’s also why we spend so much time together finalising & collaborating on the design, layouts & options… to achieve absolute perfection for your album that will be seen for generations to come. You get to decide what moments are most important for you to include and I can turn them into a cohesive story from start to finish. The design of the album is one of the most important parts of the entire process as this will determine how your story is read.

There’s no greater way to tell the story of your wedding day and to relive the moments from it

After you have finalised your album design, I then take those selected photographs and retouch them to your specifications. This process can involve anything from cleaning minor skin blemishes to removing background distractions. Once the retouching and final precise adjustments have been performed your album is ready for printing. The printing and binding of your Fine Art Album is all done right here in Australia. The paper used for your album is an archival quality matte paper designed especially for albums so that the two facing pages when in contact do not create any marks or blemishes. This paper is also the best to hold contrast, saturation & sharpness of your photographs, making it the perfect medium to represent your images true to life.

Once finished the printed pages are then bound by craftspeople some of whom have been working in the Melbourne factory for 20 years. Their precision and level of skill is second to none. As you can tell from our description of the process, it does quite some time until it is ready for us to present to you; however we do pride ourselves on having industry leading turnaround times of 10 weeks from the time you sign off your your treasured deign until the time we present the final piece to you. Album creation truly is one of my most prized processes, it is my final expression of the art I created from your wedding day and in that I take enormous pride, every single album that is ready to present has gone through several checks to ensure its quality and to ensure is up to our high standards. I cant wait to one day create your treasured album that you will show off for generations to come.

 Below is a beautiful film about the process and story behind the Melbourne based factory behind these handmade albums.

Top 10 Sydney Wedding Photography Locations

Our top 10 Sydney wedding photography locations!!!

I thought it might be a great idea to give a few suggestions of my favourite Sydney wedding photography locations. keep in mind these are in no particular order! Let me know your suggestions, I always love visiting new places!!!

North Head - Manly

A serene location at the top of the hill in Manly. best option for ceremonies on the northern beaches especially at Cardinal Ceretti Chapel. North head has beautiful backdrops of ocean, bush and concrete structures built for the protection of Sydney during war time. See more from North Head HERE.

Balmoral Beach - Mosman

An amazing spot on Sydney's North Shore. Backdrops include a super clean beach, sandstone caves, rock pools, a stunning concrete bride and an island with Australian native trees and shrubs. An ideal setting for any location shoot looking to maximise your timing without too much travel.


Botanical Gardens

PERMIT REQUIRED!!! Of course one of the main things to remember with this location is to contact the council HERE (the fee is $155). Highlights from the gardens include the herb and rose gardens, manicured lawns and huge heritage trees. Being a short walk to the Opera house is an absolute bonus as the two make for a great combination of architectural and greenery...

Chinese Gardens

To gain access to the gardens for photography, you will either need to have had your ceremony there or to purchase a permit (see details HERE ). The venue offers SO much variety and being located in the heart of the city is a fantastic option for most weddings. If you love Chinese culture and heritage or even if you just love greenery and waterfalls, this is a great option!!!


Centennial Park

An amazing spot, central to the Eastern suburbs, is obviously a great option for couples who are  planning their ceremony or reception over that side of town. It can get quite busy with bridal parties on a Saturday so try and choose your timings wisely. Top tip for this location is to visit the pine forrest :)

The rocks/Hickson Road

Water, architecture, timber boardwalks, lush green grass, beautiful trees, textured sandstone walls... This area has it all. If you decide to head on down to this spot make sure you allow yourself a bit of time because there are so many great spots to visit. Top tip for this location, if you are here after dusk make use of the beautiful lights along the boardwalk outside the iconic Park Hyatt Sydney.

Jeffrey St Wharf - Kiribilli

In the heart of the North Shore is this amazing spot. Make use of the old sandstone wall and big fig tree on the western side of the wharf to add some character and charm to your location photography of course the view of the ENTIRE city of Sydney as well as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge is a must. 

Ballast Point - Balmain

Texture, texture, texture!!!! When McGregor Coxall Landscape Architecture designed this parkland oasis for the inner west they certainly had textures in mind. Plenty of thought definitely went into how to utilise these in a way that told a story and resinated with the history of the area. The park itself is shaped like to bow of a large ship and tiered like a cruise liner. Sandstone, rock walls, rusted iron water tanks and crushed granite pathways all feature heavily in this location, so if you are in love with a raw, textured environment keep Ballast Point Park in mind!

Bradley's Head

Last but definitely not least, Bradley's Head. One of my personal favourites this spot offers plenty to those who love to explore. The circular driveway at the top is a great spot to show off your classic Rolls Royce. Take advantage of all the Sydney has to offer when you head down the staircase and out on the jetty. The view of Sydney is fantastic, but choose your time of day carefully because the late afternoon sun can be fairly harsh at times. Also on offer is a really nice bush track that can add yet another layer to this wonderful spot. See more from bradley's Head HERE.

Like a few of the other spots you will need to contact the local council and discuss permits, this area does often have wedding ceremonies so contact council sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Timing Your Wedding Day!

Our Top 5 Tips to Timing Your Wedding Day

One of the first things that most couples try and check off on their list of things to do on their wedding day is booking their Ceremony. So with this in mind that takes us to our first point.

1. Book your ceremony

Your ceremony time will dictate most other timings for your wedding day, try and choose somewhere around 3 hours prior to sunset. This gives you about an hour for your ceremony and family photos and then enough time afterwards for all the location photography you want. Most of the year this guide can work but in winter this could be difficult with a 5 PM sunset, you may not want to have a 2 PM Ceremony because of the long time until your reception is to start.



When talking to your suppliers, especially your reception venue and photographer, make sure you are comfortable with the ideas and suggestions they are coming up with for your timings. Remember in this industry most things can be changed and adjusted. So make sure you take their suggestions on board and think about what will make you happiest on your day.


3. Allow some breathing space

The last thing you want is to be rushed on this amazing day. Make some allowances in your timings to relax and catch your breath with your Husband/Wife. Just before you walk into the reception is a great opportunity to take 15-20 minutes for yourselves (and maybe to grab something to eat!)


4. Don't forget about the start

Its easy to focus all your attention on your ceremony and reception, because they are obviously huge parts of the day, but don't forget about the start of your day. It's a great time to relax with your closest friends and family. Have a champagne, and something to eat, and enjoy their company. The time right before you head off is filled with laughter and happiness from those that are close to you, enjoy it!


5. Change it up

It's 2017 so nothing has to be traditional anymore. For sure for some couples, tradition speaks volumes and deserves the respect and attention that it receives. But for others your wedding day is a great opportunity to make your own traditions, so when it comes to planning your day USE that opportunity, change things up a little. The day is yours and yours alone :) 

6. Bonus tip

Almost everyone will tell you over the coming months that your day is going to fly by, so our bonus tip is to stop, breathe and take in every last moment on your special day. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you are married to the love of your life and enjoying every second of your day.

We understand that each and every one of our couple's wedding day is unique and special, so we taylor your day according to how you would like it to run, from choosing location to suggesting best timing guidelines we're here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to chat about your wedding day plans.


Natural & Candid Sydney Wedding Photography



I listen and understand what you and your fiancee are looking for and pride ourselves on always exceeding the expectations of my couples.

Each wedding is beautifully, artistically & emotionally captured by in a relaxed way with an emphasis on being as candid as possible. I pride myself on running a no pressure type of photography business, no pressure selling, no sales tactics. A wedding can be high stress at times so I am able to provide a huge amount of information from my past experiences, recommend great suppliers who I know deliver time & time again and offer the best suggestions for different locations and timing for your day. I make it my mission to make your wedding day as stress free as possible. 

At the end of the day my job is to make sure you and your guests are having as much fun as possible, because that’s when the best moments are captured. I know that my fun loving and candid approach can be a perfect match for you and your fiancee.